Today, internet  social networks flourish and consumers freely exchange opinions on these media channels. Consumers know a new, real power belongs to them, and often they share thoughts, interests and needs. Companies today should also listen and exchange truthful information online, to gain customer trust. In spite of the consumer’s new weapon-of-voice and yearning for transparency and fairness, still many food companies continue to defy safety for their own benefit.

TraceVerified is among the first companies in the world, and the first in Vietnam, providing solutions for food traceability and authenticity of origin, by using apps to scan QR-codes with mobile devices. For the first time in history, millions of users in Vietnam can now scan participating product for accurate information, from anywhere, at any time, with a tap on their screen. Every day more than thousand consumers inquire about food information using the TraceVerified system. In addition, TraceVerified helps with transparency and inquiry about sources and quality of products for enterprises that wish to do business honestly. If a product doesn't contain information, or information is deficient, then TraceVerified can’t influence a consumer’s decision, and customers can’t choose the right product.

TraceVerified's digital consumer communication is an effective medium, such as Facebook or Google AdWords, with millions of users, so we can reach thousands of consumers who might want to scan QR-codes every day. It is clear in case studies of products, that with the services of TraceVerified, a product can become more fully and widely known. TraceVerified helps make each product become more visible and independent from limited regulatory information on packaging, or advertising. QR-codes on the product itself can provide all the information and interaction necessary for consumers.

TraceVerified software is intelligent and accurate statistical tool that helps businesses evaluate their market in general, or by each geographical region, in detail and real time. With TraceVerified traceability companies can track statistical data; who is interested in the specific product, where and when. That is how companies can plan media events more efficiently, and advertising becomes more effective and precise. Now participating Vietnamese enterprises get a new kind of affordable market research, just by using the system, so it really has multiple benefits.

Through the tracking feature, customers can scan a QR-code on a product to learn about the origin; they can now also review and comment, giving consumers even more power and peace of mind. TraceVerified helps companies at "re-marketing" products, and pays much attention to customer satisfaction. Consumers can also receive alerts on offers or events when scanning product QR-code, or as a printed advertisement or as "push notification" advertising. Companies can carry out surveys on user’s needs, assess characteristics of a product, spending habits; all this and other rich data can be collected. TraceVerified helps enterprises deploy, manage and track all kinds of interactions with users, producers, and distributors….all through the magic of the simple QR code.

Additional TraceVerified features:
- Mobile application for instanly accessing transparent product information
- Consumers can use any mobile device with any scanning app, scan the QR-code, and instantly see detail product sourcing and handling information
- Data entry is immediate and easy (information collected based on participating company's requirements)
- Continuous tool for marketing, without changing a product’s standard label
- Low cost, and extremely efficient